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Title Identification of the Practicing Leadership Characteristics

The present content-analytic study of the memoir “In the Line of Fire” by Musharraf (2006) aimed at the exploration of the prevalent themes in the context of leadership practices of Musharraf especially with reference to post 9/11 scenarios. The main aim of the study was to explore the major leadership qualities of Musharraf through the content analysis of the memoir. After reading between the lines and with the help of the committee approach, 12 themes were derived to serve the purpose of thematic analysis from the leadership perspective. The autobiography comprised of six chapters. Each part was considered as a unit of analysis. Thus, the book was divided into six units. A 5-point rating scale was devised to enumerate the strength of each theme on the basis of their degree of intensity. The results through the enumeration system included the strength of each theme in each unit and the sum of all themes in all units. Themes were found in order of their correspondent strength in the memoir, (1) leadership during stress, (2) followers, (3) freewill versus determinism, (4) narcissism, (5) leadership ethics, (6) state of conflicts and conflict handling, (7) power and influence, (8) communication, (9) decision making, (10) motivation to lead, (11) leadership development through education, training, and experience, and (12) vision respectively. Validity of the study was maintained through the selection of the themes with the help of committee approach. Reliability of the scoring system was maintained through partial inter-rater reliability. Textual elaboration of themes was discussed.
Keywords: Leadership, Vision, Decision Making, Power, Conflict Handling, Communication, Motivation.

Pages 465-476
Volume 9
Issue 4
Part 2
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DOI 10.30543/9-4(2020)-39