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Call for Papers

International Review of Management and Business Research (IRMBR) is an international journal and thus invites research papers from all over the world from people having different research and academic backgrounds in business and economics. It is interested in publishing rigorous research papers that provides sound, theoretical and clear insights with future practical and actionable implications for the wellbeing of stakeholders of the society as a whole. As the title of the journal indicates, it calls for papers in any business or management area however for the convenience of authors, following areas can be selected while writing for International Review of Management and Business Research (IRMBR):



Human Resource Management

Marketing Management

Stock Exchange

HRM Strategies

Online Marketing

Banking and Finance

Performance Management

Advertisement and Sales Management

Corporate Finance

International HRM

Positioning Strategies

Islamic Banking

Compensation Management

Test Marketing

Insurance and Finance

Contemporary Issues in HRM

Strategic Marketing



Recent Trends in Marketing

Virtual Finance


Marketing Communications

Capital Budgeting

Training and Development


Financial Markets

Organizational Development

Service Marketing

Financial Insurance

Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Personal Selling and Public Relations

Personal Finance

Public Relations

Branding Strategies

Financial Frauds

Employee Attitudes and Behaviors

Market Segmentation

Islamic Banking

Organizational Behavior and Theory

Marketing Environment

Financial Institutions

Change Management

Brand Management

Financial Regulations

Public Administration

Consumer Behavior

Financial Mathematics

Organizational Cultures

Product and Service Quality

Monetary Policies

Employee Retention and Turnover

Customers’ Attitudes and Behaviors

Fiscal Policies

Virtual Economy

Marketing Channels

Investment Management


Brand Loyalty

International Finance

Economic Growth

Brand Equity

Recent Trends in Finance

Business Portfolio

New Product Development

Managerial Finance

Gross Domestic Product

Market Structure

Law and Finance

National Income 

Holistic Marketing

Public Economics

Economic History

Retail Management


Resource Economics

Marketing Research

Financial Economics


Supply Chain Management

Business and Managerial Finance


Corporate Social Responsibility


Green Economics


Asset Management

International Economics

Contemporary Issues in Business

Working Capital Management

Managerial Economics

Total Quality Management

Trade and Investment

Behavioral Economics

Business Ethics


Contemporary Issues in Economics


Research Methods for Finance


Production and Operations

Portfolio Management

Law and Economics

Strategic Management

Project Management

Research Methods for Economics

Knowledge Management

International Business

Managing Online Businesses

However authors are not only restricted to these areas of management they can send their paper related to any area of management and business if not mentioned above.