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Title Drivers of Environmental Pro-activity in Danish Electricity Industry.

Over the last years, both students and practitioners recognized that organizational and societal survival and development depend upon effective, sustainable interactions and relationships with the natural environment. The Organizations and Natural Environment field of research is currently questioning whatever this merger could be also profitable and under which conditions. Based on the review of the theoretical contributions in this field, the paper elaborates a conceptual framework for understanding the factors that affect firms? environment responsibility and its consideration at strategic level. In order to respond to the paper research question, an empirical research on Danish power generation firms has be conducted. Energy industry is chosen as a set of the study, since it is the most liable for environmental damage but, in the same time, it represents a key industry for the development of best practices at organizational level and suitable regulations at institutional level. Environmental regulation and ethical attitude represent the starting drivers that push firms to go green. Organizations translate natural environment into a strategic tool if this engagement could improve firm?s competitiveness through cost reduction or product differentiation and already hold complementary resources and capabilities. Keywords: Corporate Strategy, Organizations and Natural Environment, Energy industry, Competitiveness.

Pages 210-222
Volume 2
Issue 1
Part 3
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