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Title Impact of Strategic Thinking and Strategic Agility on Strategic Performance: A Case Study of Jordanian Insurance Industry Companies

For companies to succeed in this competitive market, they need to be able to meet customer demand, as well as adjust to internal and external changes. With limited resources, and increasing operational costs, companies are looking internally to improve performance, meet demands, and compete in the market. This paper explores the relationship among three variables: strategic planning, strategic agility, and strategic performance of insurance companies in Jordan. The study explores the strength of relationships when introducing one variable as a mediator for the other two and builds a model for the best relationship among the variables, offering maximum benefits for the company. The paper aims to answer the following two questions: What impact does strategic thinking and strategic agility have on strategic performance?, and What shape does this impact take? Key Words: Strategic Agility, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Performance, Quality Management.

Pages 1871-1882
Volume 3
Issue 4
Part 1
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