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Title Macroeconomic Factors Influencing the Growth of Mutual Fund Industry in Pakistan: A Regression Analysis of ten Years

This article aims to investigate the factors that influence the mutual fund industry’s growth in Pakistan. Financial markets are always exposed to systematic risks which are out of one’s control. Mutual funds being part of this market are dependent on the macroeconomic factors in the country. Pakistan’s financial market is quite volatile thus slightly change in any economic indicator can affect the growth of mutual funds. Globally, Mutual fund industry is expanding day by day and Pakistan is still far behind to meet with other country like USA, UK, and India as it contributes only 1.6% of the GDP in the year 2020. In this article, influence of four independent macroeconomic factors i.e. GDP growth rate, interest rate, inflation rate and exchange rate was analyzed against the dependent value of Asset under Management. Fiscal year data from 2011-2020 was taken from different authentic sources to perform the regression analysis using SPSS tool. Study concluded that GDP growth rate, interest rate and inflation rate have negative impact on the growth of mutual fund industry which means the value of AUM decreases when these factors tend to increase in the economy. Further, exchange rate has positive impact indicating that the value of AUM increases with the increase of this factor in the economy in Pakistan.
Keywords: Mutual Funds, Growth, Asset Under Management, Macroeconomic Factors, Regression Analysis, Pakistan.

Pages 73-81
Volume 10
Issue 3
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/10-3(2021)-6