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Title Antecedents of Organizational Culture in its Relevance with Change Management, Moderating Role of Transformational Leadership and Employee Empowerment An Analysis of HEI of Peshawar Region

The rationale of the research is to investigate the importance of organizational culture in a Dynamic era of 21st century where only those organizations remain triumphant who transform change in their business. Whenever organization focused on change they encounter intense resistant from their employees as well as for conceptualizing of organization, culture conceived either as a variable or as a root metaphor. Philosophical stance of research was based on positivism and follows more deductive approach for this study. Cross sectional data of ten private sector organizations of Peshawar region were chosen. The findings of the study were moderately interesting in terms of change management with the important role of leadership found insignificant p> 0.051 and but shows weak relevance. However the results of organizational culture and change management were found significant P< 0.01 at 1% level of significance. Recommendation portion of the study suggest us that for the success of an organization culture play pivotal role in the dynamic parameters of change. On the other hand the role of empowerment played significant role for producing better organizational culture.
Keywords: Organizational Culture, Organizational change, Leadership, Empowerment.

Pages 13-23
Volume 10
Issue 3
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/10-3(2021)-2