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Title Role of the School Management for the Improvement of Teachers Satisfaction during the Conduction of Performance Appraisal System

Teacher’s satisfaction during the conduction of Performance Appraisal System (PAS) is highly dependent on the school management. Therefore, role of the school principal for monitoring the performance of teachers at higher secondary schools is commendable to achieve the targets. Survey research was conducted to review how the school management role impacted achieving the PAS targets for the satisfaction of teachers. Multistage sampling technique was opted for exploring the opinions of school principals and teachers from nine districts of the Punjab by using an already established tool Performance Appraisal Scale for Higher Secondary School Teachers (PAS-HSSTs). This questionnaire comprised of closed-ended items was used to get opinions from 90 principals and 540 teachers of higher secondary schools of Punjab. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were applied. Items were factorized using the explanatory factor analysis technique yielding seven factors. Pearson Correlation was conducted to determine the strength of the relationship among the variables, while multiple linear regressions using the stepwise method was conducted to check the critical risk factors associated with the satisfaction of teachers during conduction of Performance Appraisal System. Management facilitation was rendered the best approach for successful Performance Appraisal System implementation. Performance appraisal was a significant and powerful predictor of teachers’ satisfaction; hence school principals focused on the ways and procedures to manage their teachers’ performance in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of PAS. Results revealed a highly complex situation faced by school mangers; though satisfaction of the teachers during PAS might be enhanced through proper training and awareness of the system. PAS might be more effective if teachers were satisfied.
Keywords: Performance Appraisal System, Teacher’s Satisfaction, Management Role and School Improvement.

Pages 42-55
Volume 10
Issue 2
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/10-2(2021)-4