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Title Investigating the Concept of Creative Disposition & Decision Making Styles

This purpose of this study aims to determine the impact of decision making styles in organizations operating in Karachi. It focuses on exploring different components of decision making styles and investigates the concept of creative disposition. Moreover, it determines the correlation of different components of decision making styles to creative disposition of employees. It identifies necessary changes in decision making styles to increase its impact on creative disposition. Explanatory technique is adopted to determine the impact of logic, facts and personal experiences in decision making style on creative disposition; followed by primary data collection. Quantitative paradigms are used to perform the analysis. Target population of current study comprises of employees working in organizations of Karachi. Sampling technique used is non-probability convenient sampling. Sample size is of 384. Survey technique has been adopted for data collection process. Instrument used is questionnaire for data collection multiple linear regression technique has been used for analysis. The results of the study revealed that there is a significant role of logic based decision making style, facts based decision making style and personal experience based decision making style to determine positive creative disposition shows that it has a significant impact on it. This study successfully explained importance of decision making styles in developing creative disposition in organizations.
Keywords: Logic Based Decision Making Style, Facts Based Decision Making Style, Personal Experience Based Decision Making Style, Creative Disposition.

Pages 12-25
Volume 10
Issue 2
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/10-2(2021)-2