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Title Evaluating the Effects of Employee Motivation on Organizational Performance of XXX Limited

This research evaluated the effects of employee motivation on organisational performance. A quantitative approach and a case study were employed. Asample of 92 employees researched on from a population of 120 employees in XXX Limited (not the real name). A structured questionnaire was adopted for primary data collection. The study found that there were both monetary and non-monetary motivational strategies adopted by XXX Limited. Specifically noted were the employees’ salary scheme, bonuses, promotion and good interpersonal relationship among staff. The study found that employee motivation has positive influence on the performance of the employee and the organization at large. Also, motivational factors adopted by XXX Limited has significant influence on employees’ performance. It is envisaged that if motivational strategies are collectively determined and enforced, employees’ and organizational performance would be sustainably enhanced. Keywords: Employee, Motivation, Organization, Performance and Motivational Strategies.

Pages 358-367
Volume 7
Issue 2
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/7-2(2018)-5