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Title Moderating Role of Job Stress between Leadership and Decision Making in Low, Medium, and High Stress Occupations

The study examined moderating role of job stress between laissez-faire leadership and avoidant decision-making style. The study also investigated the level of job stress in three occupation including universities in comparison with banks and hospitals classified as and low, medium and high stress occupations respectively. Data was collected through adopted questionnaire from hospitals (medical superintendents and officers), banks (managers and officers), and universities (heads and lecturers). First sample of 150 subordinates was collect in the first part to examine the level of job stress in three occupations. The second sample comprised of 1200 participants (300 supervisors and 900 subordinates). Before conducting the main study, as a pilot testing, 60 supervisors including 30 from each segment of participants were compared on job stress. Hospital superintendents significantly scored higher on job stress as compared to bank managers and head of departments in universities. Similarly, medical officers significantly scored higher on job stress as compared to bank officers and lecturers. Finally, job stress moderated the anticipated relationship.
Keywords: Laissez-faire, Avoidant Decision, Job Stress, Universities, Banks, Hospitals.

Pages 477-482
Volume 9
Issue 4
Part 2
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DOI 10.30543/9-4(2020)-40