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Title Impact of Green Product Knowledge and Perception on Green Purchase Intention: Moderating Role of Price Consciousness

Green products are rapidly moving from niche markets to large market segments and number of consumers purchasing green products are rapidly penetrating mainstream markets (Roberts, 1996). As majority of the consumers are concerned about environment, green markets are developing rapidly and quickly (Peateie and Crane, 2005). These green markets have created essence of doing green marketing. Price is one of such factors that may prevent a green consumer to buy an eco-friendly product (Bonini and Oppenheim, 2008). Tanner and Wölfing Kast, 2003 also confirms this relationship between buying intentions of consumers and price of green products.Also, environmental consciousness among customers is increasing making them more concerned about green and responsible purchasing of food. By analyzing this by using theory of reasoned actions, green purchase intentions is affected differently by different and type of prices. Data collected from a sample of 400 consumers while, structured questionnaires were used to gather primary data from consumers. For hypothesis testing process macro was used. CFA was run by using AMOS. There have been discussed results alongwith recommendations and future directions at the end.
Keywords: Consumer Product Knowledge, Perceived Quality, Perceived Saving, Consumer Green Attitude, Green Purchase Intention, Price Consciousness.

Pages 456-464
Volume 9
Issue 4
Part 2
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DOI 10.30543/9-4(2020)-38