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Title The Emerging Role of Technology Hinders Face by Students and Teachers in Learning Stress during COVID-19

Apart from several adverse effects of the pandemic, its effect of covid-19 on education has been good for students; students may need to adopt the new strategies of online learning through advanced technology to succeed in the education amid COVID-19 pandemic. Through the survey, the researchers analyzed the difficulties faced by teachers and students during online education. This paper also aimed to asses as well as evaluate access and usage of the online/digital education of students. The survey sample was with 150 students from two public and private universities of Islamabad,survey conducted through a designed questionnaire via Google sheet. Sharing pre-reading material with students, the video should be added in lectures, and understating unstable internet issues are proposed recommendations.
Keywords: Pandemic, COVID-19, Online Education, Impact, Strategies.

Pages 8-17
Volume 11
Issue 1
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/11-1(2022)-2