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Title Perception of Investors through Credit Rating Agencies on Investment beliefs: An Analytical Survey of Suppliers of Funds in Karachi

In this paper, researcher have examined the perception about the credit rating of investors’ of Karachi, Pakistan. Credit rating serve as a valuable input for the investors. So, researcher need to shed some light on the concept of credit ratings. Does credit rating affect investors' trust in financial institutions' performance? For this, researcher have collected data through a questionnaire survey from the investors. Credit rating awareness in Pakistan, exists or not, do they realize the importance of credit rating, does it really help to determine the amount of investment return position, what is the perception of investors with age increase about credit rating. In Pakistan two credit ratings agencies issue credit rating are PACRA and JCR-VIS regulated by SECP. Investor perceptions of financial instrument rating for investment purposes were investigated. Researcher has collected Data, researcher has found in Pakistan investors’ perceptions about credit ratings are positively related they think a good credit rating is important to take the investment decision but, do not strongly rely on credit rating.
Keywords: Investors, Credit Rating, Importance, Investors Perception.

Pages 11-18
Volume 10
Issue 4
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/10-4(2021)-2