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Title Exploring the Product Diversification for Sustainable Tourism Development: The Case of Al-Baha Region, KSA

Bearing on the need to promote the tourism industry, this study examines tourism activities in Al-Baha region. The aim is to examine the factors and determinants of promoting tourism in this region. The studied region enjoys a panoply of natural and human resources and tourism potential, in addition to natural sceneries, parks, various wild animals, plantations, monuments, museums and ancient and unique urban patterns. Moreover, the region is known by an infrastructure that promotes its competitive edge against mountain-close tourist regions in the kingdom. Our methodology is a case study that aims at exploring the specificities and components of tourism activities in the region. The results indicate that the tourism services offered in Al-Baha region are acceptable and close to good. Their prices are acceptable; however, those of accommodations are found to be high and even expensive. The study then recommends the promotion of complementary specific and mid-range services. Special focus should be given to popular media channels as efficient channels to reach wider population segments. Moreover, authorities should develop coastal tourism in line with demand to maintain quality of services. They should also promote market studies to determine outside markets and their needs and promote, diversify and market publicly tourism products, increase accommodation capacity and services in regions that are the focus of local and domestic interest. Moreover, there is an urgent need to focus on training the labor force on delivering tourism services and setting up specific training programs like specialized schools and universities. Keywords: Product Diversification, Sustainable Tourism, Al-Baha Region.

Pages 412-422
Volume 7
Issue 2
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/7-2(2018)-10