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Title Financial Planning and Measures among Saudi Nationals-An Empirical Study

To find out contingency financial planning among Saudi nationals after retirement and also dependents in case of untimely death of earning member. It also aims to find out the preferred methods of planning in any. The study is quantitative based on primary data collected through structured closed ended questionnaires administered to the Saudi nationals in Jeddah city, of Saudi Arabia. The results were obtained through use of simple statistics such as mean, percentage, and frequency. The results show that financial planning among Saudi nationals is not very common practice. Majority of the respondents do not do financial planning either for themselves for retirement or for their dependent family members. It also showed that whoever do the planning they do not do it by purchasing insurance. However, in future insurance may gain popularity. The results will be helpful for the corporate managers and the government in developing strategies to develop culture of financial planning for retirement and for dependents. These institutions can also formulate strategies to enhance the role of insurance in these planning. The study was conducted mainly in Jeddah city of Saudi Arabia. Given the importance of the subject it is advisable to conduct more similar study to generalize the findings to the country as a whole. Keywords: Risk Perception, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Nationals, Financial Planning, Insurance.

Pages 387-397
Volume 7
Issue 2
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/7-2(2018)-8