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Title Evaluation of Quality Management in Sports Club in Dubai

The quality management of the sports clubs is a decisive factor for the development of the organizations, therefore, it is essential to know their dimensions of being able to analyse it, knowing their parts and improving the efficiency and accuracy of the service. The aim is to carry out a diagnosis of the level of implementation of quality in the Sports Clubs of Dubai, UAE. The study questionnaire inspired by the European Foundation for Quality Management is divided into three parts, of which, each consists of a total of 26 items. This evaluation tool was tested in majority sports clubs in Dubai. The organizational culture and the atmosphere are typical assets of Dubai sports clubs, the strong point being led. The main weaknesses are the lack of cognitive awareness that some employees show in the field in terms of quality standards and programs. Keywords: Management, Quality System, Leadership. Cognitive Awareness, Football.

Pages 368-379
Volume 7
Issue 2
Part 1
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DOI 10.30543/7-2(2018)-6