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Title A Study of Workplace Stress amongst Managers and Administrators in Adoption of Green Environmental Initiatives at Malaysian Industrial Companies

The purpose of this study is to identify the workplace stress among managers and administrators in the adoption of green environmental initiatives at the workplace. The respondents of the study consist of 65 managers at middle and higher levels and 45 administrators at Bandar Baru Bangi Industrial Area, Selangor State, Malaysia. The findings of this research show that the work pressures amongst managers and administrators are just moderate with mean value of 2.77. The attitudes towards work is also at a moderate agree level with mean value of 3.19 and the overall score of mean value for profiles of workaholics is 3.74 that means the managers and administrators agree that they are the workaholics in the workplace and in fulfilling the work of green environmental initiatives. The results of symptom on works stress shows that the constant worrying contributes to the highest percentage with 65% for the thought or reasoning symptoms. The physical symptoms shows aches and pains providing the highest score with 68%, moodiness and instability or short temper like yelling and shouting consists of 77% under the emotional symptoms. Lastly, the behavioral symptoms of eating more or less shows the highest percentage with 56%. On overall, workplace stress amongst managers and administrators are moderately and they are still under control. Key Words: Work Pressure, Attitudes toward Work, Profiles of Workaholics, Symptoms of Workplace Stress.

Pages 1439-1452
Volume 6
Issue 4
Part 2
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