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Title Effects of Reference Pricing on Customer Purchasing Intention

This study attempts to investigate the effectiveness of internal (memory-based) and external (stimulusbased) reference pricing on consumer purchasing intentions. Numerous studies in existing reference pricing literature have recognized the influence that the reference price has on customers, when evaluating their purchasing decisions. This study proposes to investigate the effect of different reference pricing factors on consumer purchasing intentions in Vietnam and Taiwan, and the relation of both internal and external reference pricing with consumer purchasing intentions. Three hundred and eighty five (N = 385) respondents from Taiwan and Vietnam were selected and invited to participate in this study. Response surface regression analysis was utilized to examine the eleven proposed research hypotheses. This was done through a questionnaire designed on the Likert five point scale. The results indicate that seven of the eleven hypotheses were supported and internal and external reference pricing has shown significantly, positively influence consumer purchasing intention. Finally, the study is summarized with a conclusion and suggestions for practitioners. Key Words: Internal Reference Price, External Reference Price, Consumer Purchasing Intention.

Pages 1156-1170
Volume 4
Issue 4
Part 2
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