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Title Factor Analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of Bidding and Hosting the Great International Sport Events in Iran

The purpose of this study was factor analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of bidding and hosting the great international sport events in Iran. The research method is descriptiveanalytic and considered as applied research according to the goal and results. The universe includes 230 sport management masters, executive mangers and higher technicians of the country sport experienced and knowledgeable about hosting the events. The research is done in qualitative and quantitative forms. In quantitative part, the samples selected through purposeful sampling method, which are 25 participants in this research. In quantitative part, 141 samples selected through random-quota sampling and by means of Morgan table. Data collected through studying deeds and documents, previous studies, interview sessions and a researcher-made questionnaire; after studying the existing situation a primary list of strong points, weak points, opportunities and threats (SWOT) extracted by means of a preliminary questionnaire. Then through exploratory factor analysis method, Bartlett and KMO tests, the final SWOT list extracted in which strong points (7 items), weaknesses (16 items), opportunities (9 items), and threats (9 items) identified and categorized in terms of premiership. Validity of the above questionnaire verified by 20 masters of sport management and its reliability through Cronbach's alpha (0.78). Results of the research show that the following items of each SWOT features: "existence of tourism attractions (historical and natural) in the country", "weak sport marketing in the country", "strategic and geopolitical position of Iran in the critical region of Middle East", and "existence of powerful competitors for hosting the sport events in the region and world level" with 0.821, 0.926, 0.932 and 0.891 load factors are the most important items respectively. Key Words: Factor Analysis, Hosting, The Great International Sport Event.

Pages 1145-1155
Volume 4
Issue 4
Part 2
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